Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

2015 Nov 06

IMASC Weekly Group Meeting

10:30am to 12:00pm


Rowland Institute at Harvard, Seminar Room

Jian Dou presenting “Selective Oxidation of Cyclohexene and Alcohols Over Nanoporous Gold Catalysts”

2016 Mar 13

251st ACS National Meeting & Exposition

Sun - Thu, Mar 13 to Mar 17, 9:00am - 5:00pm


San Diego, CA

The IMASC team is organizing  a symposium on  “ Computational and experimental advances towards design of energy efficient catalysts  ” for the 251st ACS National Meeting & Exposition in 2016 .  The meeting will be held in San Diego (CA) for two days between March 13th and 17th, 2016. The symposium will cover four topics - Selective oxidation and hydrogenation reactions,  Catalyst dynamics under catalytic conditions, Theory, parameterizations...

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2015 Oct 16

IMASC Collaborative Group Meeting

10:30am to 1:00pm


Rowland Institute at Harvard, Seminar Room

Presenters Michail Stamatakis and Angelos Michaelides from University College London and IMASC Harvard postdoc Matt Montemore

Miquel Salmeron

Prof. Miquel Salmeron

Adjunct Professor, Materials Science and Engineering Department, UC Berkeley
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Prof. M. Salmeron is a Principal Investigator at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Adjunct Professor at UC Berkeley Materials Science and...

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