Vision and Mission


The VISION of IMASC is to advance fundamental science necessary to change the face and carbon footprint of the chemical industries sector and training the next generation of innovative scientists and thinkers to tackle some of the most important energy challenges for the nation.


The mission of IMASC is to drive and conduct transformative research in mesoscale science for sustainable catalysis, with full integration of multi-scale experimental, theoretical and computational approaches.

Scientific Grand Challenge and Basic Energy Research Needs Addressed

IMASC will advance some of the most important scientific grand challenge questions for the nation, namely, how do we design and perfect atom- and energy-efficient synthesis of revolutionary new forms of matter with tailored properties? (See Grand Challenges.) With a revolutionary approach to direct and control assembly of novel nanoscale and mesoscale structures, new functionalities of advanced heterogeneous catalytic systems are possible, providing opportunities for more efficient, benign, durable, and/or ‘sustainable’ catalytic systems. Some of the basic research needs area(s) addressed by IMASC are:

  • From Quantum to the Continuum: Opportunities for Mesoscale Science
  • Basic Research Needs: Catalysis for Energy
  • New Science for a Secure and Sustainable Energy Future