Mikhail Rodkin

Dr. Mikhail Rodkin

Vice President, Refining Catalysis and Material Characterization, BASF Corporation (Ret.)
Mikhail Rodkin

Mikhail Rodkin, PhD, is a Research and Development executive with extensive global academic and industrial experience. Current responsibilities include the research and development of adsorbents and heterogeneous catalysts for chemical transformations such as hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, isomerization, Zeigler-Natta polymerization, and fluidized hydrocarbon cracking. Previously, Dr. Rodkin was responsible for the research and development of catalysts for the abatement of harmful emissions from mobile sources including automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles and other gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles.  His affiliations prior to BASF include Delphi Automotive and Monsanto/Solutia.

PhD in Organic Chemistry, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

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p: 732-910-3946