Past Events

  • 2015 Oct 16

    IMASC Collaborative Group Meeting

    10:30am to 1:00pm


    Rowland Institute at Harvard, Seminar Room

    Presenters Michail Stamatakis and Angelos Michaelides from University College London and IMASC Harvard postdoc Matt Montemore

  • 2015 Oct 05

    Dr. Mikhail Rodkin visit

    10:00am to 1:30pm



    IMASC Scientific Advisory Committee member, Dr. Mikhail Rodkin, will visit with local IMASC team members at Harvard University

  • 2015 Sep 17

    Center–wide Project Discussion

    10:30am to 11:30am


    The Rowland Institute at Harvard, Seminar Room

    Matt Montemore leading an IMASC-wide group discussion titled "Designing Catalysts Through Theory and Computation" along with Dogus Cubuk, Robert Hoyt, and Wei Chen.


  • 2015 Sep 14

    IMASC Sponsored Seminar



    Naito 030, 12 Oxford St., Cambridge MA

    Featured Speaker Prof. Gregory Yablonsky of Saint Louis University:

    ‘Chemical Calculus’: A New Approach for Kinetic Characterization of Active Materials and Complex Mechanism Decoding.