The IMASC EFRC was established with a coherent team consisting of Principal Investigators (PIs) who are leading researchers from four universities (Harvard, Tufts, Univ. of Calif., Berkeley, and University of Kansas), two DOE national laboratories (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories) and a Max Planck Institute (FHI).  There are also collaborators from University of Naples (G. Falcucci), Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (S. Melchionna), Instituto Applicazioni Calcolo (S. Succi) and LLNL (M. Biener) who are making key contributions to the research. The IMASC team is supported by two external advisory boards-The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and the Institutional Advisory Board (IAB). The center’s operations have been streamlined with a  research and management approach synergistically interwoven to leverage the individual strengths in order to accomplish the critical long-term objectives of the center. The management approach that we are following consists of a top layer of strategic management team coupled with external advisory boards, a middle layer that includes a scientific team, and a third tier involving an operations and administration support team.